Boulevard Bangkok Hotel's Restaurant Recommendations for those on a budget

Bangkok is a popular tourist destination, which means that there's a lot of restaurants to go through. The problem isn't finding someplace to eat, it's deciding where to eat.

We here at Boulevard Bangkok Hotel have a lot of customers wondering where to get good food, and, while we're not really an expert on cuisine, we do brush up on cuisine. However, some people have a tight budget to adhere to, and for those people, the more expensive restaurants are good, but too steeply priced. So for those looking for good food for cheap costs, we here at Boulevard Bangkok Hotel have some recommendations. It's not complete, but it's a start. Don't be afraid to look for more options.


Le Du Restaurant (Modern Thai)
399/3 SilomSoi 7
Monday to Saturday 1800-2300

A newer restaurant, but a popular one, nonetheless. Right now, the seats aren't too hard to get, but that's likely to change with its popularity. Le Du isn't French, it's Thai for 'Season', and its cuisine is a little bold. It's Young Creative Thai Cuisine with some added spice from cuisines from across the world.


Little Beast Bangkok, Thong Lo 13
Tuesday to Saturday 1730-0100, Sunday 1100-1500

A trendy gastro bar located somewhere in the back of ThonglorSoi 13, this restaurant offers strong American cuisine prepared with French culinary techniques for a cool, laid back dining establishment. The place has expertly made food in a casual environment, it's popular with the Thai people and the expatriates.


Steve Cafe (Thai Cuisine)
Next to Dhevet Pier, Past Grand Palace
Everyday 1130-2300
Tucked away from the streets, perched on the riverside, with no quick access and no obvious signage. The best way to find it is to ask around, since word of mouth has allowed the place to prosper thanks to good word of mouth. It's got a lot of things going for it, good view, and a certain subtlety. Oh, and really good food. Almost forgot.

Appia (Italian)
20/4 SukhumvitSoi 31
Tuesday to Sunday 1800-2300
From the creator of the popular Soul Food Mahanakom, this Italian restaurant sits at the heart of the Thai capital. Offering the traditional Italian cuisine, like pastas, and cured meats, with a Roman aesthetic and wooden tables. It's been open since February 2013, so you'll need to book ahead if you want to sample the food here.